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Teachers Learning Resource Guide

In the Out in Schools Teachers Learning Resource Guide you will find an innovative approach to teaching social justice issues, specifically as they relate to sexual orientation and gender identity. This Resource Guide is an appropriate resource for all students at every secondary grade level.

Out in Schools recognizes that media is a powerful tool for social change, as well as a marvelous teaching aid. The primary objective of the Out in Schools program is to inform students of the negative impact that discrimination toward Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and Two-spirit (LGBTQ & LGBTQ2S) people has on their school and on their community at large. The Out in Schools program aims to create safer spaces for all BC students to learn in.

Included in the Teachers Learning Resource Guide is a DVD of films that correspond to the Student Work Units in the guide. Films include: The Queen; Only Fags Listen to Pop Music; How do I Say This? I'm Gay; Rock Pockets; No Bikini; select films from the Rise Against Homophobia Youth Video Contest

Already both the Vancouver and Burnaby School Boards have purchased copies for every school in their districts.

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