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Book a Screening Presentation

To book a screening at your school follow the easy steps below:

  • The cost for a 1-2 hour screening is $150. We offer different packages and subsidies. Take a look at our fee schedule for more information.
  • Simply email Brandon Yan, Out in Schools Program Coordinator to book a presentation, complete our online booking form or call us at 604-844-1615.

However you may still have a few questions:

  • Yes, we can present to all group sizes in high school. We do everything from a presentation to your Planning 10 class to an auditorium screening for the entire school.
  • Our presentations can be between 1-2 hours and we are flexible about the time of day, whether it's after school, at lunch, or during class.
  • We showcase queer independent films as a platform to incorporate discussions around homophobia, transphobia, bullying, stereotypes, coming out, etc.