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2013 Rise Against Homophobia Contest Rules

Before You Submit Your Video - Please Read These Rules

Official Rules:  Out in Schools Rise Against Homophobia Youth Short Video Contest

1. Eligibility

The Out in Schools Rise Against Homophobia Youth Short Video Contest is open to all legal Canadian Residents aged 12 – 19 years of age, as of January 28, 2013.

Prior to being showcased, all entries must be approved by the National Youth Jury.  By submitting an entry, all entrants warrant and represent that they have full right and title to the entries so submitted and that such entries do not violate any prior copyright interests of any person, and further, each entrant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Out in Schools from any claim or action arising out of any breach of copyright caused by such entry.

All entries will be reviewed by Out in Schools to ensure that the content of the entry is appropriate in nature and to ensure entries abide by the content restrictions contained in these official competition rules. Out in Schools may, in their sole discretion, refuse any entry at any time.  No entries will be returned to the entrant.  The decisions of Out in Schools in relation to this competition will be final and binding on all entrants.

2. Competition Timeline

Deadline for entries is 17:00 (PST) on June 10, 2013

3. Entry Requirements

  • Submission and Subject Matter

Submissions should have an anti-homophobia message and promote safer schools, free from bullying and homophobia.

(i.e. the video entry should showcase and communicate the entrant's views on homophobia and bullying. A video entry should be creative, interesting, meaningful and fun.  Any visual medium may be used to produce the video including, but not limited to, film and digital slideshows.

  • Format video

All video file submissions must be uploaded to OutinSchools.com before the submission deadline. Videos must be 30-60 seconds in duration and comply with all content restrictions and contest rules.

  • Entry Process & Display

Entrants must complete the online consent form which includes acknowledging reading the Rules and completing the parental consent and waiver section. One consent form must be completed and submitted for each contest participant.  Out in Schools is not responsible or liable for any lost, late, incomplete, or invalid entry to the competition.

  • Waivers

Where applicable, entrants must obtain approval from all individuals and/or organizations featured in their video entry.  Entrants warrant and represent to Out in Schools that each and every person or entity appearing in a submitted video has expressly permitted to such inclusion.

  • Content Restrictions

Submitted videos must not contain:

  1. nudity, profanity or vulgar behaviour;
  2. graphic violence, or any inappropriate materials as determined by Out in Schools, in their sole discretion.  If you are uncertain about any aspect of this matter, please request clarification by email to : contest@outinschools.com
  3. dangerous stunts;
  4. real weapons of any kind;drug use;
  5. material that is hateful, tortuous or slander;
  6. material that promotes prejudice, hatred or harm against any group or individual or promotes discrimination or exploitation based on race, sex, religion, disability, age or any other basis protected by law; and
  7. material that is likely to cause offence to any person, or to injure the name, reputation or standing of any person in any way, directly or indirectly.

4. Property of the Entries

Upon submission, all entries become the exclusive property of Out in Schools, and may be used in any and all future promotional and/or educational contexts as deemed appropriate including presentation in schools across Canada and screening at the 25th Annual Vancouver Queer Film Festival.  Out in Schools shall have the unrestricted right to use, edit, publish, broadcast, or stream any or all of the video entries, as well as the name, picture, statements, biographical information and likeness of any and all participants without further approval or compensation.

By entering the Out in Schools Rise Against Homphobia Youth Short Video Contest each entrant unconditionally assigns and absolutely transfers to Out in Schools in perpetuity any and all rights, titles and interests in each video entry including, without limitation, all copyrights and the exclusive right to use, duplicate and exhibit, and to authorize others to use, duplicate and exhibit, its video entry.

5. Voting

After the submission deadline, the entries will be reviewed and winning entries will be determined by a National Youth Jury.  All decisions regarding all aspects of the competition are final.

6. Prizing

A prize value of $2500 will be awarded to a representative for the winning team. Two prize values of $1000 each, will be awarded to a representative for both finalist teams. 

Out in Schools is not responsible for any costs associated with claiming any prize. The winner is solely responsible for the reporting and payment of any and all taxes, if any, that may result in claiming a prize in this Contest.

7. Acknowledgment and Warranty

By entering the Out in Schools Rise Against Homophobia Youth Short Video Contest, entrants are hereby deemed to acknowledge that they are solely responsible for their own entries and the consequences of submitting them to the competition site, and warrant that their entries are their original work and do not impinge on any other person's rights.

In Canada, with respect to Quebec residents, any litigation respecting the conduct or organization of a publicity contest may be submitted to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux for a ruling. Any litigation respecting the awarding of a prize may be submitted to the Régie only for the purpose of helping the parties reach a settlement.

This Contest is subject to all Federal, Provincial, and local laws.